Robotic Knee Replacement surgery in Thane
5 Things You May Not Know About Robotic Joint Replacement
June 10, 2024

Dr. amol238

Robotic joint replacement surgery may be beneficial if you have severe arthritis in your knees or crippling knee pain that prevents you from moving and carrying out daily tasks.

Similar to a conventional knee replacement, the process enables an orthopedic surgeon to replace worn-out or damaged knee parts with specially made implants intended to reduce pain and restore the knee’s strength, mobility, and balance. 

Hip joints impacted by osteoporosis or arthritis can also be replaced by robotically assisted surgery.

In contrast to conventional joint replacement surgery, robotic surgery for hip replacement surgery in Mumbai uses cutting-edge technology. To guide an expert surgeon as they navigate to the exact site and perform extremely accurate operations. 

Patients see remarkable outcomes, such as increased accuracy and frequently quicker recovery periods along with superior post-operative pain control. These are five elements of the robotic-assisted operation that you might not be aware of and that can help you resume your active life.

1.   A qualified surgeon, not a robot, performs robotic knee replacement surgery.

The idea that a robot is doing the surgery is among the most widespread fallacies regarding robotic procedures. This is untrue since a skilled surgeon will always be in charge and will use robotic assistance to conduct the procedure more precisely and accurately than with a traditional complete knee replacement. 

It’s crucial to choose an orthopedic surgeon with a lot of experience because your results will depend on how well the treatment is performed. 

At robotic knee replacement surgery in Mumbai, we do both total and partial knee replacements with robotic-assisted procedures. Your surgeon can create a customized plan for every patient with the help of each system. 

We gather imagery and use cutting-edge technology to develop a computerized 3D model of your knee before your treatment. This model is used to guide the robotic arm during the treatment and helps your surgeon create a personalized plan for the dimensions and shape of your implant.

After that, your surgeon will precisely and safely replace your knee using the robotic arm. With the robotic arm, we can precisely implant new artificial parts and make real-time modifications to soft tissue balance, ligament tension, and fit. 

2.   The majority of those who qualify for knee replacement surgery also qualify for robotic surgery.

Your doctor might suggest surgery if non-surgical measures haven’t relieved or improved your knee discomfort. You are probably a suitable candidate for hip replacement surgery in Mumbai if you meet the requirements for a standard knee replacement procedure.

Your surgeon can replace a knee more precisely with robotic technology than they could with their own eyes by using a robotic arm to conduct a partial or total knee replacement. Particularly advantageous candidates for hip replacement surgery in Mumbai are those with aberrant anatomy or a history of surgery. Discuss with your physician if you should get knee replacement surgery.

3.   Compared to a typical joint replacement, recovery can be quicker.

Many patients recover more quickly from a robotic arm replacement than from a traditional one because the robotic arm allows for higher precision and preservation of the surrounding healthy tissues. Patients can often return home on the same day as their operation.

Following robotic surgery, patients can immediately resume their normal activities with the assistance of a physical therapist and an assistive device, such as a cane or walker. 

4.   An improved fit and longer lifespan could result from robotic knee replacements.

Throughout the knee replacement process, the robotic arm is guided by the orthopedic surgeons at the clinic to the site of the incision. With the robotic arm’s advanced navigation system, these highly skilled surgeons make sure that the components of the artificial knee are positioned as precisely as possible to fit each patient’s unique anatomy.

With robotic assistance, surgeons can place implants with a high degree of precision, which usually results in a more natural fit and higher function for the patient. While the long-term benefits of robotic technology in orthopedic surgery are still being investigated, early research shows encouraging outcomes. The technology has only been used for ten years. 

According to preliminary study, using robotic assistance during procedures is linked to better early functional outcomes, better alignment of the limbs, and increased accuracy and precision when placing knee replacements.

5.   When choosing a robotic knee replacement surgeon, experience counts.

Having an expert surgeon design and direct the treatment is crucial, even though technology can help you recover more quickly from knee replacement surgery. One of the biggest orthopedic robotics programs in the nation is offered by the hospital for robotic knee replacement surgery in Mumbai.

The correct fit is essential when it comes to knee replacements in order to get rid of pain and resume your favourite hobbies. To make sure you don’t have to live with crippling pain, our fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons combine the greatest calibre of knowledge and experience with the newest developments in robotics and technology.


Robotic joint replacement is revolutionizing the field of orthopedic surgery, offering enhanced precision, quicker recovery times, and improved outcomes. Understanding the advancements in this technology can help patients make informed decisions about their healthcare options.

Whether it’s the intricacies of the technology or the benefits it brings, robotic joint replacement is paving the way for better surgical experiences. If you are considering hip replacement surgery in Mumbai or robotic knee replacement surgery in Mumbai.

Exploring these five lesser-known facts about robotic joint replacement can provide valuable insights. By choosing robotic-assisted procedures, you can ensure that you receive the most advanced care available, leading to a more efficient and effective recovery process.